Old Master Cowboy Spur Makers

These are some of the master makers who produced spurs from the late 1800s through the first half of the 1900s.  As you might expect, these are considered the most desirable types of spurs in the hobby.  Not everything is hugely valuable; you still need to consider things like condition, age, provenance, and style.  Spurs from makers below could be worth anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  If you need an appraisal or would like an offer, then please send photos of your spurs to Dale@OldSpurs.com.

Adolph-Bayers-Spurs-valuesAdolph Bayers Spurs
1912 – 1978
worked: Gilliland, Texas
Bayers Spur Marks

Atanasio Larios Spurs
1830s – 1890s
worked: San Jose, CA
Larios Spur Marks

August-Buermann-Spurs-valuesAuguest Buermann Spurs
b. 1842
worked: Newark, NJ
Buermann Spur Marks

Boone-Spurs-valuesBoone Family Spurs
active: late 1800s – present
worked:  Texas, NM, CA, OK
Boone Spur Marks

cp-shipley-spurs-valuesC.P. Shipley Spurs
1864 – 1943
worked:  Kansas City, MO
Shipley Spur Marks

EF-Blanchard-Spurs-valuesE.F. Blanchard Spurs
1894 – 1982
worked: New Mexico and Arizona
Blanchard Spur Marks

Edward-Bohlin-Spurs-valuesEdward Bohlin Spurs
1895 – 1980
worked: Hollywood, CA
E.H. Bohlin Spur Marks

Eddy Hulbert Spurs
1898 – 1960
worked: Hillsboro, MT
Hulbert Spur Marks

GA-Bischoff-Spurs-valuesG.A. Bischoff Spurs
1862 – 1944
worked: Gainesville, TX and Kansas City, MO
Bischoff Spur Marks

GS-Garcia-Spurs-valuesG.S. Garcia Spurs
1864 – 1933
worked: California and Nevada
Garcia Spur Marks

JO-Bass-Spurs-valuesJ.O. Bass Spurs
1879 – 1950
worked: Tulia, TX
Bass Spur Marks

JR-McChesney-Spurs-valuesJ.R. McChesney Spurs
1862 – 1928
worked: Texas and Oklahoma
McChesney Spur Marks

Jesus-Tapia-Spurs-ValuesJesus Tapia Spurs
1856 – 1931
worked: Los Angeles, CA
Tapia Spurs Marks

Joe-Bianchi-Spurs-valuesJoe Bianchi Spurs
1871 – 1949
worked: Victoria, TX
Bianchi Spur Marks

Figueroa-Spurs-ValuesJose and Carlos Figueroa Spurs
active: early to mid 1900s
worked: Los Angeles, CA
Figueroa Spur Marks

Juan-Estrada-Spurs-valuesJuan Estrada Spurs
1865 – 1942
worked: California and Nevada
Son of JJ Estrada

Mike-Morales-Spurs-valuesMike Morales Spurs
1888 – 1934
worked: Oregon
Morales Spur Marks

Oscar-Crockett-Spurs-valuesOscar Crockett Spurs
1887 – 1949
worked: Missouri, Kansas, Colorado
Crockett Spur Marks

PM-Kelly-Spurs-valuesP.M. Kelly Spurs
1886 – 1976
worked: Texas
Kelly Spur Marks

Qualey-Bros-Spurs-valuesQualey Bros Spurs
1900s – 1970s
worked: Idaho
Qualey Bros Spur Marks

Rex-Schnitget-Spurs-valuesRex Schnitger Spurs
1877 – 1947
worked: Wyoming and California
Schnitger Spur Marks

Robert-Causey-Spurs-ValuesRobert Causey Spurs
1868 – 1937
worked: Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon
Causey Spur Marks

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