Juan Estrada Spur Value and Information

Juan Estrada Spurs

Juan Estrada moved to the US with his father J.J. and learned the trade of bit and spur making from him. He eventually moved to Elko, Nev and worked for G.S. Garcia where he learned the engraving style used by Garcia and others at the shop. He worked in Nevada for around 25 years doing work first for Garcia, and then for M.B. Staunton and later Goldberg-Staunton in Winnemucca. He moved back to California and eventually ended up in San Francisco where he partnered with Filo Gutierrez and the two produced their own bits and spurs. His pieces are often marked for other makers such as Garcia (where he also was allowed to stamp a J in addition to the normal markings), Gus Goldberg (he stamped JE in addition to the Goldberg marks), or other makers where he would also leave a JE mark. The items from his partnership with Gutierrez are marked GUTIERREZ & ESTRADA.

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