Eddy Hulbert Spur Values and Information

Eddy Hulbert Spurs

Born to a wealthy family in Chicago in 1898 Eddy Hulbert was orphaned at the age of 13 when his father died. He was sent to the Cedarvale Dude Ranch in Hillsboro, Montana where he worked and earned his keep and learned how to blacksmith and silversmith. Eddy opened his own blacksmith shop in Hillsboro where he did general blacksmith work as well as producing bits and spurs for sale through catalogs and stores, as well as at guest ranches. Later in his life he also produced trophy buckles and jewelry items. Eddy also produced a bit with a replaceable mouthpiece so that a it could be set with a different type of mouthpiece based on the needs of the horse and owner.

Eddy’s best work is typically bits and spurs with full silver overlay and an excellent deep engraving style. Eddy was an expert silversmith and his engraving skills were top notch.

Born: 1898
Died: 1960
Locations: Hillsboro, Montana
Markings: Eddy typically would mark his pieces “EH” in individual letters below the button on spurs.

Eddy Hulbert items were sold in Hamley’s catalog as well as in many stores as souvenirs for folks visiting ranches out west. His bits are spurs are quite desirable and draw good interest from collectors. For help evaluating your bit or spurs, please Contact Us.

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