Jesus Tapia Spur Value and Information

Jesus Tapia Spurs

Jesus Tapia was the son of Jose Tapia, himself a famous bit and spur maker. Jose imported to the US from Mexico and lived in Los Angeles working as a blacksmith, where he taught Jesus how to make bits and spurs. The Tapias produced extremely high quality bits and spurs with great unique and creative designs. Well known for intricate tendril motifs and filigree Tapia spurs and bits are very highly prized and sought after. Very few Tapia bits and spurs are marked, but those pieces that are marked typically are marked as “J TAPIA” inside the cheek of a bit, or beneath the button of a spur.

Born: 1856
Died: 1931
Location: Los Angeles, California
Markings: “J TAPIA”

Tapia bits and spurs are very rare and desirable, for help authenticating or appraising Tapia bits and spurs, please Contact Us.

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