E.F. Blanchard Spur Values and Information

EF Blanchard Spurs

Edward Blanchard was a cowboy and spur maker who lived and worked in New Mexico and Arizona through his life. Blanchard only produced a few patterns of spurs but he was quite prolific in their production, early on working only by hand Blanchard said he could do a pair of spurs in four or five days, and later with the help of machines he could do a pair of spurs per day. His designs are unique to him in terms of the profile of the heel band and shank typically thick heelbands and short shanks and although Blanchard spurs are not typically very fancy, they are pretty easy to identify. Most Blanchard spurs are unmounted with either plain steel or stainless steel, though he did take special orders and you can find spurs with card suits, names, ranch brands and other types of mountings.

Except for his very early work, Blanchard was very good about marking his spurs and he used a letter set to stamp his name and location as well as the pattern into the heel band of most spurs he produced. Blanchard produced exclusively spurs and was not known to produce bits. Blanchard spurs are typically marked “E.F. Blanchard”, a style number 2,3,4,5,6, or 8, “PS” “SS” or “TS” for plain steel, stainless steel, or tooled steel, and usually also with the name of the place he was working at the time.

Born: 1894
Died: 1982
Locations: Blanchard lived and worked in many places over time, listed from oldest to newest: Monticello, NM -> Datil, NM -> San Antonio, NM -> Seligman, AZ -> Yucca, AZ.
“E.F. BLANCHARD” or “E. B.” stamped

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