Saddlery Companies Information and History

While many of the famous names in spurs and bits were forged through independent businesses run by an owner, there were also several large companies who were able to secure the vast majority of the low end market, but also employed skilled craftsmen to produce high-end luxury product lines. Most of these companies used catalogs and traveling salesmen to peddle their goods throughout the West.

fm-stern-spurs-valuesF.M. Stern Company

LD-Stone-Spurs-valuesLD Stone Company

main-winchester-spurs-valuesMain and Winchester Company

messing-sons-spurs-valuesMessing and Sons

north-judd-spurs-valuesNorth and Judd Anchor Brand

Kelly-Bros-Parker-Spurs-valuesParker and Kelly Bros

phillips-gutierrez-spurs-valuesPhillips and Gutierrez

Visalia-Spurs-valuesVisalia Stock and Saddle Company

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