Messing & Sons Spur Values and Information

Messing & Sons Spurs

Messing and Sons was founded by John Henry Messing who was a German immigrant born in 1824 in Prussia. Messing originally settled in San Jose and operated a tannery before buying a saddlery business. Messing’s sons joined the business as they got old enough and it was renamed to Messing and Sons around 1884. Messing and Sons was one of the first companies to sell bits and spurs to a wide audience in the 1800s. Like many others, they produced catalogs of designs and would produce spurs to order. Many of their designs would be the foundation from which others would elaborate on. Messing and Sons did not produce the spurs and bits they sold and they contracted with makers like Echavarria, Larios, Hernandez and Gomez to produce the high grade spurs and bits they did sell. John Henry Messing died in 1902, but his sons continued on in the business until 1914 when they shut down.

Bits and spurs marked for the Messing company are marked as “M & SONS, SAN JOSE”, “MESSING & SON, MAKERS SAN JOSE CAL”, and “H.MESSING AND SON”. Spurs with an authentic mark are very collectible and desirable and can bring large sums.

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