Main & Winchester Spur Values and Information

Main & Winchester Spurs

Charles Main and Ezra.H. Winchester started Main & Winchester as a saddlery in San Francisco in 1849 and over time it would grow to be one of the largest catalog suppliers of western gear. Main and Winchester sold saddlery and tack and through their catalog and sold many spurs and bits from famous makers and skilled craftsmen that were near San Francisco. Main and Winchester contracted to have these makers produce their bits and spurs and stamp them with the Main and Winchester mark. The business grew steadily and they upgraded to larger buildings in 1853 and 1876 before buying the business of L.D. Stone in 1905. After the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 the business was relocated to Oakland and in 1909 the company was bought by R.P. Grubb and eventually became Keyston Brothers in 1912.

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