L.D. Stone Spur Value and Information

LD Stone Company Spurs

Lucius Stone founded his saddlery in San Francisco in 1852 where he produced and sold saddles, bits, spurs and other riding items. Stone ran the business himself until 1888 when he sold the company lock, stock, and barrel to businessmen who employed traveling salesmen to sell the firm’s wares. In 1905 L.D. Stone merged with Main and Winchester and operated as Main, Winchester and Stone. The company like many other saddleries in California cities contracted with local California makers and even some Texas makers to produce bits and spurs. Some of the famous makers known to have provided items to L.D. Stone include Larios, Hildreth, and Frank Hernandez, others are assumed to have provided work but there is no definitive proof of makers like Villegas, Valuenzuela, Herrera, Bernal, Echavarria, and others actually working for Stone.

L.D. Stone did have many of its bits and spurs marked with the mark “L.D. STONE & CO. SAN FRANCISCO” on later work and a simple left hand logo on early work.

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